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Optical Cable Ind/Out

The drop cable is a flat ‘Figure 8’ cable which has 2 optical fibres. Suitable for indoor and outdoor application such as on facade, ducts or between poles (up to a 60m span).


The ‘Figure 8’ Drop cable has 2 FRP lateral strength elements. In its centre 2 G.657.A2 fibres can be found. There’s a version for montage between poles with a steel messenger allowing a maximum 60 meters span.

Available in 2 optical fibres only

Cut Cable

Cable Inndor

• Savings in cable installation time and costs
• Easy stripping
• Available in single mode only
• Overhead mounting up to 60m span



The cable is used for FttX applications. It has black outer sheath and CPR Eca classified.


• Ideal for FttX applications
• For local network use
• Distribution or interconnection networks


Additional information

FibersBufer (μm)Attenuation (dB/Km)


CableFiber countFibers per tubeOutside diameter [mm]Weight [Kg/Km]Tensile [N]

Operation temperature [ᴼC]
-40 ~ +60 °C

Note: Values for reference purposes only


• IEC 60794-1-2
• IEC 60332-1
• ITU-T G.657.A2
• EN 50575

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