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LWL Kabel Innen /Aussen · Nichtleitend Verstärkter Multitube LSZH

The multitube dielectric armoured cable from LightMax® features a consistent and reliable structure for fibre optic links. Available with LSZH jacket, it consists of a multiple loose tubes structure filled with an anti-humidity compound and optical fibres. Glass fibre yarns and two ripcords complement its construction. This cable is CPR Eca certified.


It is a multi-tube type cable composed of several loose tubes; it has a central FRP reinforcement member. The tubes surround the central element and are protected by a water blocking tape, all surrounded by glass fibre yarns, offering good mechanical resistance for indoor environments, and anti-rodent protection suitable for outdoor links between buildings or on campuses.

Available in 16 up to 48 optical fibres.

Armoured Cable Dielectric Multitube

• Savings in cable installation time and costs
• Easy stripping
• Available in multimode and single mode
• Anti-rodent dielectric armour
• Ideal for indoor links



The cable has a multi loose tube structure where it can contain from 16 to 48 optical fibers.


• Tubes are protected with a filling compound against humidity
• Easy access to fibers
• Easy stripping


Zusätzliche informationen

Art der faser Buffer (μm) Dämpfung (dB/Km)
850nm 1300nm 1310nm 1550nm
OM3, OM4 250 ≤3.0 ≤1.0
G652.D 250 ≤0.40 ≤0.30


Art der faser Gesamtfasern Fasern pro röhre Außendurchmesser [mm] [mm] Gewicht [Kg/Km] [Kg/Km] Zugfestigkeit [N]
48 12 10.4±0.5 110±15 2700
SM G652.D 16 8 10.9±0.5 113±15 2500
24 8 10.9±0.5 113±15 2500
48 12 10.4±0.5 110±15 2700

Betriebstemperatur [ᴼC]
-25 ~ +60 °C

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• IEC 60794-1-2
• EN 60332-1-2
• EN 50575
• ITU-T G.652.D
• ITU-T G.651

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