Preconnectorized Cable · Outdoor · OM3/OM4

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Increase the profitability of your project
Cable 100% configurable to the measurements of your project, saving time and money with the finish you require
By being configurable, it allows you to choose the type of the cable, the exact length and termination with wide range of connectors that Lightmax has to offer

Advantages of pre-terminated cables
• Fusion splicers are unnecessary
• Terminated in laboratory
• Delivered with test certificate
• Avoid attenuations caused by poor assembly


Fiber Optic CableTerminationConnectorProtectionLengthDesign
Ind/Out Cable2mmLCProtective Mesh50m• Prepared at both points
Outdoor Cable9μmSCPolyamide Tube75m•One side prepared
FC100m• Staggered
Special Measure

All cables are ready for use
• Splices are not made
• Performance guaranteed, all connectors are thoroughly inspected
• Delivered with certification of attenuation in both points
• Compatible with cables in both Multi and Single mode
• Transition of 2mm for up to 24 Fibers, in counts higher than 900um

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