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Flat Duplex Cable

The Flat Duplex cable is used for the interconnection of computer equipment. Although is also used on short links in dwells and officces, Its mainly use on the manufacture of several jumpers configurations. Have a check HERE


The Flat Duplex cable is a double fibre cable, that contains aramid and two 900µm tight buffer fibre protected by an inner sheath with 2.0×4.0mm o 3.0×6.0mm. This ensamble is protected by another external sheath with 4.0×7.0 mm.

Available with two fibres.

Kabel doorsnijden

Cable Inndor

• Easy stripping
• Available in multimode and single mode


Aanvullende informatie

VezelBuffer (µm)Demping (dB/Km)
OM1900≤ 3.5≤ 1.5
OM2900≤ 3.0≤ 1.0
OM3900≤ 3.0≤ 1.0
OM4900≤ 3.0≤ 1.0
G.652.D900≤ 0.40≤ 0.30


VezelAnntal VezelsDiameter Exterieur [mm]Spanning [N]
Flat Duplex24.0*7.080

Gebruiks Temperatuur [ᴼC]
-20 ~ +60 °C

Notitie: Waarden enkel voor referentie doeleinden


• IEC 60794-1-2
• IEC 60332-1
• ITU-T G.652.D
• ITU-T G.651

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