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This kit is quite portable, it offers great resistance in the field, and it includes all the professional quality tools for terminating multimode and mono mode 1.25mm / 2.5mm ferrules’ connectors.

• Fiber stripper
• Aramide scissor
• Carbide Scribe Tool
• Cable stripper
• Universal crimp tool
• 200X fiber optic inspection microscope
• AIP pre-moistened cleaning wipes
• Alcohol dispenser
• Anaerobic adhesive
• Anaerobic resin hardener
• Syringes to apply resin
• 5μm Lapping film (units)
• 1μm Lapping film (units)
• 0.5μm Lapping film (units)
• Universal 2.5mm polish disc (SC/ST/FC)
• 1.25mm polishing disc
• Rubber work pad
• Safety glasses
• Cleaning sticks
• Black cable marker
• Transport bag with zipper (305x220x60 mm).