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Optical Cable · Outdoor · SM G652.D · Steel Armoured Unitube · HDPE · Class Fca

Metal armored single-tube cable is protected by a metal casing that allows it to be installed in ducts or for direct burial. The primary protective element is the metal casing which safeguards the loose tube; two steel side guides embedded in the cover provide stability and rigidity along the cable. The loose tube contains optical fiber strands and is filled with compound that protects it from moisture. Its outer HDPE cover makes it resistant and durable.


The cable is recommended for direct burial in exposed areas, whether through ducts or conduit. It provides good mechanical strength and is resistant to rodent damage, making it suitable for use where wildlife is present. It is available with an HDPE cover and rated with CRP Fca.

It is available in fiber counts ranging from 6 to 24 optical fibers.

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• Time and cost savings in cable installation.
• Resistance to time passage.
• Available in multimode and single-mode.
• Resistant to rodent damage.
• Ideal for outdoor installation in ducts or for direct burial.



The cable features a single natural-colored loose tube which contains 6 to 24 optical fibers and is wrapped with an anti-moisture tape on the exterior of the tube.

Modules are protected with gel against moisture.


The cable’s reduced diameter allows for placement in communication links or interconnection of computer equipment, between industrial buildings or structures where pre-existing ductwork is not present. Its metal elements provide stability and mechanical resistance against rodent damage.

• Ideal for installation in ducts for outdoor environments.
• For use in local networks.
• Distribution networks or interconnection.


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Additional information

Fibers Buffer (μm) Attenuation (dB/Km)
850nm 1300nm 1310nm 1550nm
G652.D 250 ≤0.40 ≤0.30


Fiber Fiber count Fibers per tube Outside diameter [mm] Weight [Kg/Km] Tensile [N]
SM G652.D 6 6 9.3 ± 0.5 88 ± 10 1500
8 8
12 12
24 24 10.2 ± 0.5 105 ± 10

Operation temperature [ᴼC]
-30 ~ +60 °C

Note: Values for reference purposes only


• IEC 60794-3-10
• IEC 60793-1
• IEC 60793-2
• ITU-T G.652.D

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