Landing Patch Panel MTP
PATCH PANEL 1U HIGH DENSITY optical fibre solution with LGX MTP Modules From: 1.035, 00 € UP TO 144 FIBERS
High performance Space optimisation Installation time savings
High Density Distribution Patch Panel, offers a fully modular solution equipped with 12 LGX Slim MTP modules, with a PLUG-N-PLAY system for simple and efficient installations. Its standards-based design makes it flexible, versatile and reliable for data centres.
Ideal for
1U 19"
racks and
Removable covers,
Without the use for special tools, for easy access to fibers
during their assembly.
slide and lock system.
Easy and Efficient Infrestructure implementation
Lightmax ® High-density MTP solutions (cutting edge multi-fibre) offer increased optical performance. Fully compliant and compatible with high performance MPO/MTP standards, it ensures stable and fast transmission, so necessary for data centres.
High-density LGX SLIM MTP cassette with compact and modular design ensures space-saving and high performance.
UP TO 12 FIBRES PER MODULE Available in OM4 and G.652.D In three polarities
a effcient and quality transmission! US CONEC MTP adapters,
with low insertion loss
Polarity A, B1 and B2
mounting guide for distribution patch panels

Smooth, stable and highly effective

ready made

Enhanced MTP solution, which guarantees quality and
speed of data transmission.

mtp Adapter
us conec
internally configured
and ready.
mtp-lc Pigtails *Fotag colour code (their sequence changes according to polarity)
Multimode, OM4
Singlemode, G652.D
6 adapters connection duplex LC/UPC and LC/PC
Polarity according to your demand!
High-density cabling ensures optimum polarity and provides easy management, focusing on the functionality of the data centre.
LightMax® products are validated to support customers in expanding their capacities, improving the efficiency of their project implementation.
We offer three types of polarity ( A, B1 and B2).
Polarity A
Polarity B
Connect with Uniboot Jumper,
and optimise space by up to
in High Density
Order your modules separately according to your needs.
LGX Slim Module
From 95,00 €
Singlemode G652.D MTP Male + LC/UPC 12 fibers
Code Polarity Price
LMMC2DPA12FGE Type A 95,00 €
LMMC2DB112FGE Type B1 95,00 €
LMMC2DB212FGE Type B2 95,00 €
From 75,00 €
Multimode OM4 MTP Male + LC/PC 12 fibers
Code Polarity Price
LMMCM4PA12FGE Type A 75,00 €
LMMCM4B112FGE Type B1 75,00 €
LMMCM4B212FGE Type B2 75,00 €
We equip your patch panel to the
needs of your projects
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from our
sales representatives
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