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Micromodule Duct
The market trend evolves, for this reason LightMax® commercializes the Micromodule Duct cable. It is a fiber optic cable flexible due to it being thinner and with less weight, for applications in ductwork.
LightMax®'s micromodule cable has flexible straight modules inside, it does not have a central force element, this allows for a smaller outer diameter. It has two lateral guides that provide tensile strength.
It has major advantages such as :
  • Time and cost savings for cable installation.
  • Easy stripping.
  • Easy access to modules at intermediate sections.
The micromodule cable has two lateral guides embedded along the cable, which give it tensile strength and stability that prevents it from deforming. Available in fiber counts from 6 to 96 optical fibers.
Fiber type:
  • G.652.D
  • G.657.A2
Ask our sales representatives for their availability.
Modules The modules contained in the micromodule duct cable are 55% thinner than conventional loose tubes, providing a reduction in space for fiber accommodation. The flexibility of the modules completely eliminates the risk of fiber breakage.
  • Modules protected with gel against moisture.
  • Flexible and malleable
  • Easy access to fibers
  • Easy stripping
The Micromodule Duct cable offers significant advantages in its application, as it is faster to install, with a 55% reduction in diameter and 46% reduction in weight, thus optimizing space.
  • Ideal for ducts in outdoor environments.
  • Provides high tensile strength.
  • For use in backbone networks, distribution networks, or local area networks.
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